Full Colored Planet Cut and Paste Craft Printables


These super fun, full colored planet crafts are perfect for kids of all ages! You and your kids will adore cutting and gluing these together! Download and print your full colored outer space planet crafts today!


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Full Colored Planet Cut and Paste Craft Printables

Are you teaching your preschool or kindergarten class about the solar system? Use these full colored printable outer space crafts!

With the full colored design, you can help them learn their colors, the names of the planets, and helping them build their fine motor skills all at the same time!

Grab your full color, outer space crafts crafts to use in your next creative planet making project!


  • SUN
  • MOON
  • MARS

Children cut out the pieces from the template and glue them together to create their favorite planet. Kids can also customize the craft to by painting, coloring, or adding extra flare with different craft supplies!

There are so many ways you can celebrate and spend quality time with your little ones while getting creative. These are also educational too! These printable planet crafts are a fun way to share the love with own children or in your classroom without much prep.

Click to download and print these awesome out of these outer space crafts!

Check back soon for more simple printable craft projects for moms and children of all ages.

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